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about company – IB Consulting

Who we are

Integrated Business Consulting is a Management Consulting and Technology Solutions provider. A combination of unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, enables the company to collaborate with clients to help them become high-performance businesses. In providing innovative, high-performance and integrated solutions; Integrated Business Consulting values the people, process, technology and management in transforming, enabling and supporting businesses into the future.

Our experience covers IT solutions in the Manufacturing, Logistics, Telecoms, Construction, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Agriculture, Retail, Merchandising, Food Industries, Government and Hospitality industries. It is our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work that ensures our ability to fully satisfy our customers with high quality solutions and services. Integrated Business Consulting has highly qualified, skilled and experienced IT Consultants and IT Development resources. At Integrated Business Consulting we always strive to deliver quality services and solutions, on time and at a competitive cost.

At Integrated Business Consulting, we provide IT solutions to meet the client’s needs and requirements. We always endeavor to deliver efficient and quality solutions on time and at a competitive price. Our solution designs always hinge on quick and high Return On Investment for the client.We develop Bespoke systems, integration solutions, mobile apps and e-Commerce solutions. In addition, we have also formed strategic partnerships to provide payment solutions, agriculture finance and management solution as well operations monitoring and automation systems.

We provide IT support to businesses in the areas of Information Security (developing, evaluating and implementation of cyber security policy, Internal and External Penetration Testing, Computer Security incident response management), Infrastructure Architecture, Infrastructure Design, Data Centre Consolidation & Migration, Data Centre Virtualization and Desktop operating environment services (IT Service Desk Support, Desktop Management, Messaging & Collaboration, Mobile Device Management)Our support model carters for both on call/demand support as well as providing managed services.

In addition to the above mentioned services, we provide an extensive recruitment program designed to find the very best candidates for you. We are confident in our ability to match the right people to the right positions based on careful analysis of their skills, experience and personality. Upon receiving instruction to recruit new employees, we will meet with the appropriate members of your team to obtain a job description and discuss selection criteria. We believe our quality service is enhanced through client interaction.

Lastly, Integrated Business Consulting has established strategic business partnerships with many software and hardware suppliers, manufacturers and vendors. These partnerships allow Integrated Business Consulting to deliver large, complex, efficient and first world solutions to its clients. We always work with the client to ensure the business strategy/ideas progress through to objectives/ concepts, business case, requirements and to an efficient IT solution.

Our Values

People: – Training and equipping people with the required IT skills for business transformation and support

Processes: – Continuous review and re-engineering of business processes to align business operations with future needs

Technology: – Automation of business processes with high performance IT solutions into the future

Management: – Effective and efficient enablement, transformation and support of IT resources into the future


Marufaro is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Business Consulting.  He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industries where he has led large and complex IT projects in banking, Insurance, Logistics, Telecoms, Health and Care, Mining and Government across the African continent.

He is an Information Technology Executive offering outstanding leadership and cross-cultural team management skills. An ambitious and innovative Executive who creates strategic partnership with client-organisation leaders to effectively provide solutions and services to align and support key IT business initiatives.

Marufaro holds a BSc Honours Degree in Computer Science from the National University of Science and Technology.

Our Mission

To Enable, Transform and Support businesses into the future


  • To provide result oriented IT strategies
  • Providing Business Analytics, forecasting and modelling solutions
  • To provide Innovative solutions for High Return On Investment to the client
  • To provide IT solutions and services that are cost effective
  • To provide solutions that are robust, scalable and meet client requirements
  • To continuously improve our service delivery and IT solutions